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Muito, muito obrigada!
José A. Afonso

Olhei para o povo
E vi-o sofrer
E "volta não volta",
Tentei perceber!...
Porque não sonhava,
Porque não sorria?
E o povo calava...
E o povo "lá ia"...

Olhei para o povo
E vi-o a chorar,
Pois então na volta,
Fiquei a pensar...
Como é que se nasce,
Entregue à pobreza,
Como é se vive,
Com tanta incerteza?...
Como é que se cresce,
Sem pão e sem fruta?
Como é que se envelhece.
Se a alma padece,
Quando a vida tece
Tristeza e labuta!...
Como é que se cala,
Se ninguém nos escuta,
Como é que se sonha,
Porque entre a vergonha,
Sem garra, sem luta???
Como é que a revolta,
Se esconde, se envolta.
Num rosto "sem brio"?...
Mantemos a "escolta",
Que anda "à rédea solta"
Um "tempo sombrio"!
Olhei para o povo
"Olhar no olhar"!...
Perdido por um,
Perdido por mil,
Eu vi-o "cegar"
Que "volta não volta",
Eu sei que na volta,
"Vai ter de lutar".!!!

Olhei para o povo
"Eu vi-o a cismar"
E "volta não volta",
"Ouvi-o a "bradar"!
Olhei para o povo
Há um "vento novo",
Que me lembra a "história"!...
Que repõe o sonho,
"Que me chega um "travo",
Que sabe a vitória!
Olhei para o povo,
"Convidei-o a vir"!
Desde então que espero...
Agora só quero...
Agora só quero,
Que volte a sorrir!


quarta-feira, 27 de Agosto de 2014

ME Sei Foti Medidas ba Finalista iha Cuba


Timor Post - 26 Agostu 2014

Díli - Diretór Jerál Ministériu  Edukasaun, Antoninho Pires, ME sei buka hatene estudante medisina UNTL ne'ebé ba estudu iha Cuba ramata ona sira nia estudu maibé halimar de'it iha Cuba, se bainhira informasaun ne'e los maka ME sei foti medidas.

"Ami hakfodak ho novidade ne'e maske Universidade Nasonál Timor Lorosae (UNTL) ne'e servisu autonomu, maibé ami sei kontaktu ho sira, hodi hatene lolos novidade ne'e. Karik tebes ministeriu sei hola medidas," hatete Antoninho iha Vila Verde, tersa (26/08).

Entretantu tuir novidade ne'ebé diariu ne'e asesu katak, bolseru finalista sira ne'ebé remata ona estudu iha area medisina, mais to'o oras seidauk fila mai Timor-Leste no kontinua halimar iha Cuba.

Hahú agora ba oin, hatutan nia, governu sei kontinua identifika novidade ne'ebé oras ne'e espalha ona iha públiku los duni ou la'e. Bainhira identifika ona, katak tebes, Ministériu sei hola medidas ruma. Importante maka agora Ministériu sei husu klarifikasaun hosi UNTL.

"Durante Ministériu Edukasaun liu hosi ensinu superior sempre kontaktu UNTL, mais ba assuntu ne'e seidauk konfirma, no parte UNTL mós seidauk pasa novidade sobre ne'e ba Ministériu," dehan nia.

Nia haktuir Bolseiru Medisina ne'ebé durante ne'e estudu Cuba nia progressu maka agora governu Timor hetan ona doutor no doutora hamutuk 700, ne'ebé maka balun oras ne'e hala'o ona serbisu iha klinica no sentru saude iha Timor laran (max)

La Fiar Mina Maran Iha 2030


Timor Post - 27 Agostu 2014

Díli - Primeiru Ministru, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão fiar án mina iha Tasi Timor sei la maran iha tinan 2017 no 2030.

Primeiru Ministru, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão deklara kestau ne'e, tanba governu aprezenta Orsamentu Jerál Estadu (OJE) 2014 ho montante 1.5 bilioens ba Parlamentu Nasionál, iha fulan Janeiru liu ba.

Maibé reprezentante povu iha uma fukun Parlamentu Nasionál konsidera orsamentu ne'ebé demais sei fó impaktu ba fundu mina-rai iha futuru, tanba tuir analiza balun hatudu katak mina sei maran iha 2030.

Tanba tuir Parlamentu Nasionál nia hanoin katak governu hasai osan husi fundu mina-rai tenke haree ba nesesidades ne'ebé presiza, la'ós hasai osan ho montante bo'ot, maibé ezekusaun la la'o.

"Dalaruma governu aprezenta orsamentu ba Parlamentu, Parlamentu mós tenke kompriende. Ha'u dehan Parlamentu tenke kompriende tanba demokásia nia laran ita koalia dehan katak ahhhh mina atu hotu ona, karik mina atu hotu, governu labele beik atu halo Suplay Base iha Suai, hanoin estabelese refinaria iha Betano no LNG Plan, ne'e katak ita (Timor-Leste) iha," PM Xanana informa ba jornalista sira, iha aeroportu Nicolau Lobato, Kinta (21/08).

Xanana dehan, estabelesimentu mega projetu sira hodi hetan mós osan,atu nune'e bele loke investimentu bo'ot iha Timor-Leste.

Nune'e mós tuir Sosiedade Sivíl, liu hosi ONG Lao Hamutuk fó sai katak mina sei maran iha 2027, tanba kada tinangovernu hasau hela de'it fundu minarai ho montante bo'ot, maibé osan hus setór seluk laiha.

"Ne'ebé dalaruma ita koalia sala, povu hakfodak, mas importante liu ba hot-hotu maka oinsá governu kaer didi'ak osan ida ne'e, mas restu industria hosi osan ne'e importante tebes ba ita nia rain," tenik Xefe Governu.

Ho deklarasaun Parlamentu Nasionál no Sosiedade Sivíl sira fó sai katak mina sei maran iha 2017 no 2030, Primeiru Ministru Kay Rala Xanana Gysmão la fiar ho deklarasaun ne'e.

Tanba tuir Xefe Governu, governu iha hanoin hari'i Suplay Base, refenaria, LNG inklui ZEESM Oe-Cusse atu hatama mós osan. (vas)

East Timor Government’s health care crisis


COMMENT By Ted McDonnell - Ted McDonnell

ANYONE who watched the recent ABC Foreign Correspondent story on the dismal plight of East Timor's health care system would have instantly blamed the Australian government for decreasing AusAid to just over $96 million in the 2014/15 year. The truth is the ABC report, that attempts to blame the Australian government, is highly misleading as the fault lies squarely at the feet of the floundering East Timorese government.

Here’s a reality check. Most AusAid goes in wages and consultant fees or very often disappears through the cracks of graft and corruption.

Worthy as it was for praise, Foreign Correspondent failed to ask many basic journalistic questions with the big one being what is the East Timorese government doing for its peoples health care?

The answer is very simple: The East Timor government, despite its $15 billion Petroleum Fund, is doing very little. In fact, when PM Xanana Gusmao recently had a headache he was evacuated to Indonesia; just like former justice minister and now full-time criminal Lucia Lobato who was shipped out of prison in East Timor and offshore for her ailments.

Australians are somewhat naive when it comes to matters of Australia’s foreign aid. If it is on the ABC, surely, it must be true… Not quite...

A leaked report into the condition of the East Timor’s major hospital, Hospital National Guido Valadares, in central Dili, reflects the overall condition of the country's health care system - dismal at best; virtually non-existent at worst.

The findings of an investigative team found that senior management levels were very low; middle management had little to no education and support staff was non existent at all management levels requiring NGOs to step in as a constant backup system.

The report also found that over three daily shifts staff allocations were not based on work load but on a ‘one size fits all approach' with no proper allocations of work skills. Doctor and nurse ratios to patients do not exist.

“Managers remain in offices, wards are led unattended, wards are “incredibly dirty" and as many as 35 visitors are found sleeping on the floor of patients rooms on any given night.

The report also found staff were too busy watching TV or sleeping to attend patients needs. Alarmingly, hygiene and infection prevention is non existent at Guido Valadares.

“We found a very critical situation in HNGV. Major breaches to most elementary hygienic and infection prevention rules are a daily issue.”

Some of the major issues found in East Timor’s major hospital include blood on floors and walls; dirty utensils left in wards; and excrement on bedding.

The report found that nothing has changed since 2006.

But, like many other issues facing the people of East Timor, the Gusmao government is paying very little attention. The report on the National Hospital, which was completed in April this year, has not been acted upon. 

One European doctor working in East Timor told me that the lack of medicines and proper procedures is "killing people on a daily basis. This has nothing to do with the Australian government or any other government except the East Timor government which is doing nothing except killing their people."

It’s little wonder the political elite and their comrades flee East Timor at the first sign of a headache. Outside the country’s major hospital, the health care system in East Timor is woeful most people cannot afford to go to private clinics. Every week people die due to illnesses that are curable in neighbouring countries.

Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars of aid pumped into East Timor over the past decade health care, poverty, hunger, malnutrition and unemployment all remain at third world levels.

One must ask where has all the aid gone? Into consultants, public servants and politicians pockets to build fancy beachside homes or shipped offshore to families?

As much as the ABC would like Australians to think the Australian government is letting down the people of East Timor such is not the case; the people of East Timor are being betrayed constantly by its own government, who these days spend much of its time cow towing for its former masters Indonesia and Portugal. Just this month, Xanana Gusmao recently donated over $4USD million of government funds to Guinea Bassau to pay for public servants wages. What incredibly strange priorities!

Only recently, the Gusmao government, and most of the highly paid political puppeteers, including those poorly advising the President, spent their time, and millions of dollars, fawning over their former colonial masters, Portugal, during a major conference involving half a dozen Portuguese speaking countries, many of whom have human rights and poverty issues that rival East Timor.

The sad fact is Portugal, whose economy teeters on the brink of bankruptcy once again, gives its former colony little - apart from a fair degree of lip service. Oh, and of course many Portuguese are now taking jobs away from the East Timorese. Portuguese consultants are being shipped into East Timor by the barrel load - otherwise they’d remain unemployed in Portugal.

The same can be said for neighbouring Indonesia, another former master of East Timor. Local businessmen are being shoved aside as Indonesians attempt to dominate trade and business in East Timor. A bribe or two doesn't go astray.

Australia remains one of the largest donors to East Timor’s welfare at just under $100 million, and that does not include the millions of dollars raised every year through private charity work by hardworking Aussies.

Maybe the report on Guido Valadares would make good bedtime reading for Xanana and his children… in Portuguese, of course. If so, the report is attached.

© Ted McDonnell 2014

*Guido Valadares Report at this link: http://.../hngv-audit.pdf

Pesoal BOP ho Armas Sobu Festa iha Santa Cruz


Jornal Independente - 26 Agostu 2014

Komunidade sira hamutuk ho Joventude Rezistensia Loriku Aswain no Veteranus husu ba Polisia Nasionál Timor-Leste atu foti medidas hasoru pesoal Batallaun Orden Públika (BOP) ne'ebé halo ataka ho armamentu ba festa serimonia aniversariu ida iha Bairru Santa Kruz.

Kazu ne'e akontese iha loron 15 to'o 16 iha Bairru Santa Kruz, Aldeia Donoge, Suku Santa Kruz, Sub-distritu Nain Feto, Distrito de Díli.

Iha ataka ne'e, pesoal BOP tebe Calistro Lake Guteres ne'ebé rezulta vitima hetan hakanek iha ulun no kostoleta (ruin sorin), inklui Komandante Eskuadra Díli, Joaquim ne'ebé partisipa serimonia ne'e hetan mós kanek todan.

Pesoal BOP ho inisial RCR mai festa ho kalsa badak, hafoin nia fila fali ba hatais farda ho armas kompletu mai festa hodi hemu, dansa no kanta.

Iha tuku 1 madrogada mosu insidente kiik, tan ne'e Task Force Distritu Díli mai hakalma no laiha ona problema.

Maibé hafoin Task Force fila, derepente Polísia husi Unidade BOP mai ho armamentu kompletu hodi halo tiru razadas no hatudu brutalismu hasoru komunidade ne'ebé mak mai partisipa iha serimonia ne'e.

Iha akontesimentu ne'e, polisia feto ida ho inisial AN ho diviza Asistente Inspetór husi Departamentu Investigasaun Kriminal Distritu Dili hakilar dehan,"Kaer no baku forsa vinte-vinte sira".

Responsável Komunidade Santa Kruz, Lito Rambo liu husi Konferensia Imprensa lamenta asaun brutalismu ne'ebé pesoal BOP hatudu no liafuan ne'ebé pesoal SIK fó sai.

"Ami rezeita liafuan sira ne'ebé nia substansia bele sobu estabilidade nasionál, tanba impaktu husi brutalizmu oknum Unidade Batallaun Orden Públiku nian halo komunidade paniku no trauma, tanba tiru razadas agresaun ne'e halo komunidade lembra fali insidente 12 Novembru 1991 ne'ebé mak halo joven barak mate iha fatin ne'e," dehan Lito iha Bairru Santa Kruz, horiseik.

Tan ne'e komunidade sira husu ba Komisaun B, Parlamentu Nasionál ne'ebé trata Asuntu Defeza no Seguransa, no Ministériu Defeza no Seguransa atu foti medidas rigorozu ba ayitude brutalismu, bandalizmu ne'ebé oknum PNTL hatudu.

Sira husu mós ba pesoal husi Departamentu Investigasaun Kriminal atu klarifika liafuan ne'ebé nia hasai.

SEFI: Ministériu Hot-Hotu Mosu Mal-Jestaun


Jornal Independente - 27 Agostu 2014

Díli - Tuir monitorizasaum husi Sekretáriu Estadu  Fortalesimentu Institusionál (SEFI) katak minitériu hot-hotu iha Kintu Governu Konstitusionál hamosu mal-jestaun.

Tan ne'e, Sekretáriu Estadu Fortelesimentu Institusinál, Francisco Borlaco hatete. ora ne'e iha kada ministériu ida-idak in prinsipiu iha progresu no iha kestaun barak.

"Inprinsipiu hot-hotu la'o hanesan hotu de'it, maibé iha progresu barak mak iha ministériu sira ne'e," hateten Borolaco ba jornalista sira iha Ministériu Finansas (MF), horseik.

Pior liutan, Borolaco ne'e dehan, membru Governu barak mak nia maturidade no vizaun seidauk la'o di'ak, planu keta ketak no barak liu mak orienta ba sira nia grupu no familia sira.. Maibé sei hadi'ak neneik,

"Ita seidauk kaer ukun ho ida-idak nia vizaun, lolos ne'e tenke vizaun ida de'it", hateten Borolaco ba jornalista sira iha MF, horiseik.

Tan ne'e, nia husu ba membru Governu sira seluk, atu hadia servisu professionál nomatenek, liliu iha komunikasaun atu resionaliza sistema.

"Lei sira ne'e no lalaok sira nian. Ko'alia lian Portugues tenke di'ak depois presionaliza sasan pensamentu tenke loziku," husu Borolako.

"Maski nune'e, Borolaco mós la esplika detaillu kona ba mal-jestaun ne'ebé iha ministériu tomak.

terça-feira, 26 de Agosto de 2014

Bobby Boye : Convicted embezzler, money launderer hired by Norway's government

Bobby Boye - Foto:us
Source - Here

Bobby Boye, convicted of grand theft by embezzlement, was sent by Norwegian authorities to aid Timor-Leste. FBI now claims Boye defrauded the poor nation out of $3.51 million.

- As you can imagine, the Timor-Leste government had some questions to ask Norway when they realized what they had been exposed to, says former ambassador Pierre-Richard Prosper of Los Angeles based law firm, Arent Fox.

Mr. Prosper speaks on behalf of Timor-Leste's government on this matter.

Oil for Development

Timor-Leste, also called East Timor, is one of the youngest and poorest nations in the world, with more than one third of its 1.1 million population living in extreme poverty, according to the World Bank.

But Timor-Leste's economy is growing fast, mainly due to vast petroleum resources. Norway authorities has heavy experience on the field. Through its Oil for Development (OfD) program, the Nordic nation aids several poor oil nations to ensure the resources become a blessing rather than a curse.

The OfD program aims to «reduce poverty by promoting economically, environmentally and socially responsible management of petroleum resources», according to the official mission statement.

As part of this programme, Norway identifies, recruits and finances several advisors. One of these advisers, hired in 2010, was Bobby Boye.

Arrested by the FBI

Boye, a lawyer and Nigerian native with years of experience from the US, was sent to Dili, capitol of Timor-Leste, to help make poor East Timoreans a little less poor.

But Boye also enriched himself, according to the FBI's New Jersey office. Bobby Boye was arrested June 19th, 2014. He denies all claims.

But this is not the first time Bobby Boye is in trouble with law enforcement, or accused of stealing from his employer.

No record

He has a long career of stealing, forging documents and laundering money.

Boye, also known as Bobby Ajiboye, claims to have a law degree from St. John's college at Cambridge University.

Aftenposten asked the renowned, British college if they have either name on record. They do not, according to an e-mail from St. John's Library.

Boye also claims to be a member of Lincoln's Inn barrister association in London. They have no record of him as a member.

Two universities in California confirms his law degrees from 1998 and 2000.

Salary and paid leave

Boye, using his alias Ajiboye, started working for Morgan Stanley in California in December 1998. According to the New York Stock Exchange Hearing Panel, during the months of April through July 2000, Boye caused the unauthorized transfer of funds and stocks from his clients worth $13,490.

Also in July, Boye was placed on paid medical leave due to what he presented as a life threatening illness.
Six months later, Morgan Stanley learned that Boye had been employed with accounting firm KPMG since the same month he entered paid medical leave, according to the panel.

His employment with Morgan Stanley was immediately terminated. The hearing panel determined he was to be «permanently barred from membership, allied membership, approved person status, and from employment or association in any capacity with any member or member organization».

Grand theft and money laundering

In a Los Angeles Superior Court plea agreement of 2007, Boye admitted to grand theft by embezzlement of at least $150,000 and money laundering of at least $35,000 from his former employer, 3D Systems.

His method: making sure that whenever 3D Systems paid too much in taxes to Canada, the reimbursement ended up in Boye's account.

He was sentenced to three years in prison (served in a restitution center), three years on probation and to pay restitution of $408,380.22.

Hired by Norway

Three years later, in the spring of 2010, Boye was recruited by the Royal Ministry of Finance in Norway as a tax adviser, servicing the Oil for Development program at Timor-Leste.

For about 20 months, starting May 2010, Boye was paid a total of 2 million Norwegian kroner (approximately $340,000) in salary and allowances.

Timor-Leste took over the employment of Boye around February 2012, but Norway paid 60 per cent of his salary for one more year.

Early 2012, Timor-Leste marketed and solicited bids for a multi-million dollar contract to provide legal and tax accounting advice to Timor-Leste. Boye's job was to evaluate and advise on which firms to award these kinds of contracts.

Luxury cars

Law firm Opus & Best won contracts with Timor-Leste, but did not disclose its strong ties with Bobby Boye.

According to the FBI, Boye was the sole member of the company, and received all the money - $3.51 million - transferred from Timor-Leste's account in the Federal Reserve.

The FBI claims that Boye bought four New Jersey properties, luxury cars (a Range Rover, a Bentley and a Rolls-Royce) and watches worth more than $2 million.

Boye is now awaiting trial in detention in his $2 million New Jersey home, purchased before the alleged fraud commenced, awaiting trial.

Denies all claims

Boye's lawyer, Joseph P. Rem Jr. of Rem Law Group, confirms that Boye was found guilty of grand theft and money laundering in the 2007 3D Systems case.

- What is Bobby Boye's position on the recent FBI claims?

- He denies it, Rem tells Aftenposten on the phone.

- Is it possible to talk to Boye directly?

- No. Even if you did get hold of him, he would not answer your questions. He is told not to discuss the case, Rem says.

Assistant U.S. attorney Shirley U. Emehelu tells Aftenposten that the next court date in this case has been pushed several times, most recently two weeks prior to this article being published.


Norway's Ministry of finance was made aware of the fraud allegations in the summer of 2013. Deputy director Håkon Tandstad signed Bobby Boye's contract, and answers Aftenposten's questions by e-mail.
- How could a convicted embezzler be employed by the Ministry of finance?

- That is a legit question. Vi followed what we thought were thorough recruitment routines, and we were extra cautious because this was an international applicant. But in this case, it obviously was not good enough, which is unfortunate.

- What was listed in Boye's résumé?

- Boye listed long work experience from «High level tax» and international petroleum business. He stated his education, «professional licenses/affiliations» and work experience.

- Who background checked his résumé, and how was this done?

- Several members of our tax and human resources staff checked his résumé. We interviewed four of his references. In February 2010 we received a written letter from The State of New York Supreme Court, stating that Boye «was issued a certificate of good standing». Nothing in this process drew any of his qualifications in doubt, Tandstad writes.

Did not check 3D Systems

Boye also listed 3D Systems, the company he in 2007 admitted embezzling, as a former employer.
The Ministry of finance did not check this reference.

The four references that were interviewed, was related to a law firm in London (who filed for bankruptcy in 2003), accounting firm KPMG, and two offices of the Nigerian government. The last period he stated to have worked with Nigeria, overlaps with his 2007 prison sentence.

- There were no indications of inaccurate information in 2010, Tandstad writes.

- Where was Boye interviewed?

- He was interviewed twice in the winter of 2010, in New York and in Oslo, by several members of our staff. Our attention was directed to his professional qualifications, and the interviews confirmed that Boye was qualified and that he had a broad knowledge of international tax issues.

- When and how was the Ministry made aware of Boyes past?

- In the autumn of last year, after the fraud accusations were made, some claims of a previous criminal record surfaced. We were not familiar with the actual incidents reported by Aftenposten.

Norway's Ministry of finance decided, before this case came up, that it shall not recruit to, or act as employer in aid programs of this sort.

Take responsibility

A high-level official with Timor-Leste's government tells Aftenposten that it has learned a lot about running a country in the last decade.

- Over time, we learn that unfortunately, some governments and individuals take advantage of our position.

 We have large oil revenues, but unfortunately, this creates a motive for companies, governments and individuals to take advantage of us, the source says on the phone.

- How will this case affect the relations between the governments in East-Timor and Norway?

- We appreciate what Norway has done. As long as they take responsibility, mistakes can be made. We understand that. We also accept that, as long as one takes the right measures. This is just one of several examples of countries, companies and individuals trying to take advantage of us, without saying that Norway has done such a thing. However, this particular example was something we did not expect, the official says.

Anything seems possible

Norway's ministry of foreign affairs is currently investigating the alleged fraud.

Øyvind Halleraker, spokesperson on foreign affairs of Norway's Conservative party, does not want to comment on any responsibility before the investigation in the FBI case is concluded.

- We will need to get back to that once there is a court ruling. But I do agree with your source that we should learn from this. It is almost unbelievable. If you are rude enough, anything seems possible. It means we have to be more aware, Halleraker says.

He hopes this will not affect the relations between Norway and Timor-Leste.

- We have had a very good and promising cooperation. Norway has contributed in relevant areas.

segunda-feira, 25 de Agosto de 2014

Julgamentu ba MF Emília Pires halo PM Xanana Duvida Kapasidade Tribunál


Jornal Independente - 25 Agostu 2014

Díli - Relasiona ho julgamentu ne'ebé sei halo ba Ministra Finansas Emília Pires iha fulan Novembru tinan ne'e, Primeiru Ministru Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão hahú hato'o ninia duvidas ba kapasidade orgaun judisial iha Timor-Leste.

PM Xanana duvida kapasidade Tribunál, tanba haree ba prosesu justisa ne'ebé la'o iha rai laran.

"Ha'u duvida kapasidade, kbi'it ita-nia sira ne'e. Estadu konstrusaun ne'e la'os governu de'it mak sala, maibé ita hotu bele sala. Dala-ruma ha'u kritika ida ne'e dehan ha'u atu defende, laiha", dehan Xanana ba jornalista sira iha Palasiu Prezidensial Nikolau Lobato, Bairru-Pite, Sexta (22/08).

"Ha'u ba nasaun Portugal ko'alia ho Prezidente Tribunál. ha'u temi Lucia Lobato nian, sira dehan, ami iha ne'e abuzu poder halo beibeik ne'e mak dehan abuzu ne'e. Ne'e hau ko'alia ida ne'e," haktuir Xanana.

Xefe Governu dehan, prosesu ba eis Ministra Justisa Lucia Lobato seidauk hotu, tanba instituisaun sira ne'ebé foin la'o iha tinan 10 nia laran.

PM Xanana, nia parte duvida, tanba iha dokumentu balun ne'ebé simu ho lian portugues nia parte ladun kompriende, maibé ho Timor-oan sira ne'ebé komprende lian português ne'ebé tuir de'it juiz no prokuradór sira husi estranjeiru hodi asina de'it.

"Ha'u fiar katak ema barak ema barak ne'ebé agora sai boot ne'ebé la kompriende asina de'it ne'e mak ha'u admira, buat sira ne'e hotu mak atu dehan ba ita laos ita hatun malu, mais atu dehan katak kbi'it ita-nia konstrusaun estadu, ne'e, ita sei estadu frazil," dehan Xanana.

Maibé PM Xanana mós fiar katak, ho situasaun sira ne'e kuandu juíz sira asina dokumentu ruma sira asina ho laran, tanba hatene no komprende situasaun no lalaok dokumentu ne'ebé asina hela.

Xanana mós fiar ba Prokuradór juiz sira iha TL la simu osan husi kompañia boot sira, maibé governu lakohi hatama osan ba iha kofre estadu no lakohi hari'i Autoridade Nasionál Petroleu no Timor GAP.

Tanba iha konstituisaun aplika justisa ba ema hotu hanesan no konstrusaun instituisun hotu-hotu ne'ebé tau matan ba malu atu haree lala'ok durante ne'e.

Maski nune'e iha kazu barak ne'e ne'ebé PM Xanana rasik promete sei aprezenta ba jornalista, tanba iha ona enkontru ne'ebé halo hodi bele haree oinsá aplika justisa ba iha povu sira.

"Dala ruma dehan, ha'u kontra, ha'u hakarak proteje. Ha'u dehan tiha ona bá Tribunál ha'u la tauk, tanba iha Indonézia nia tempu mós ha'u ba iha kadeia nia laran atu liberta rai ne'e," dehan Xanana.

Xanana mós aviza ba instituisaun hotu katak, konstrusaun estadu ne'e ida-idak tenke rekuiñese ninia frakeza to'o iha ne'ebé hodi hadi'ak atu nune'e bele sai di'ak .

"Ha'u konfesa doutoradu sira matenek liu ha'u, hau SMA ne'e ha'u konfesa. Ne'ebé doutoradu sira hatene tiha ona saida mak sira asina ne'e, ha'u hakruk," nia dehan.

"Malae sira juiz no Prokuradór Portugal sira agora ne'e sira fila ba iha Portugal ne'e moris kapas. Ne'ebé labele hanoin katak, ha'u nia kakutak, mós laiha. Labele dehan ha'u defende hela ha'u nia membru sira. Mais nunka haluha katak, ita matan atu haree frakeza iha ne'ebé," hatutan Xanana.

PM Xanana: Tempu Besik Sei Fó Sai Lista Remodelasaun


Jornal Independente - 25  Agostu 2014

Díli - Primeiru Ministru Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão hakerek tiha ona konseitu ba lista membru Governu na'in 55 ne'ebé makasei tama ba remodelasaun no re-estruturasaun.

Tuir Xefi Governu dehan, lista ne'e sei hala'o analiza klean no iha tempu besik sei fó sai ba públiku.

Tan ne'e, nia husu públiku inklui media nasionál sira atu labele espekula arbiru informasaun la loloos ba públiku hodi hatauk membru Governu sira ne'ebé naran sei tama lista mean remodelasaun ka reestruturasaun.

"Imi jornalista ne'e lalika kahur arbiru lai informasaun sira ne'e, too tempu lai mak fó sai," dehan Xanana hosi hatan pergunta jornalista sira kona ba lista membru Governu ne'ebé sei hetan remodelasaun, bainhira halo vizita ba GAM-MHS Aviasaun hanesan Kompañia Joint Venture entre Timor GAP ho MSH Berhad Malasya Dili, Kinta (21/8).

Komandante de luta ne'e husu ba jornalistas sira atu kalma hodi fó tempo ba nia atu finaliza lista remodelasaun ne'e.

Kestaun remodelasaun, PM Xanana rasik konsulta ona ho Prezidente Repúblika, Taur Matan Ruak, Bispo Dioseze Díli, Dom Ricardo da Silva inklui amigu politiku balun.

Antes ne'e, iha konferensia estra-ordinariu, Xanana promete ba nia membru kuadru partidu CNRT tomak atu halo remodelasaun ba servisu membru Governu sira inklui membru sira husi CNRT nian hotu.

Parte seluk, eis Prezidente Repúblika, José Ramos Horta, eis Primeiru Ministru Mari Alkatiri no eis Prezidente Parlamentu Nasionál, Francisco Guterres (Lu-Olo) aseita planu Xanana halo remodelasaun ne'e. Tanba tuir sira katak, membru Governu sira durante ne'e la servisu efisiente.

Iha parte seluk, komunidade sira mós hein hela planu remodelasaun ne'e bele atende povu nia halerik di'ak liu tan.

Aliende ne'e, tuir Diretor Ezekutivu Asosiasaun Yayasan HAK, Manuel Monteiro hatete, Primeiru Ministru (PM) tenke halo remodelasaun, tanba PM rasik halo promesa ona ba públiku ne'ebé ema hotu hatene.

"Povu oras ne'e hein remodelasaun ne'ebé mak Primeiru Ministru Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão promesa bá públiku," dehan Manuel Monteiru ba jornalista sira, iha Salaul Delta Nova wainhira partisipa iha Seminariu ba dalarua Polisia Komunitari, foin lalais ne'e.

sábado, 23 de Agosto de 2014

Taur Matan Ruak apresentou a declaração de bens ao Tribunal de Recurso

Foto de Presidência da República de Timor-Leste, Facebook.
Timor Hau Nian Doben - 23 de agosto de 2014

A mulher do Presidente da República Taur Matan Ruak, Isabel Ferreira, apresentou na passada quinta-feira, a declaração de bens do chefe de Estado e da sua família ao Tribunal de Recurso, informou um comunicado da Presidência da República.

“Temos menos recursos financeiros em comparação com o primeiro ano em que apresentámos a declaração ao Tribunal de Recurso, porque estamos a construir a nossa residência com as poupanças que tínhamos e que guardámos no banco durante 10 anos”, disse Isabel Ferreira, citada no comunicado.

Segundo o documento, esta é a terceira vez que Taur Matan Ruak apresentou a declaração de bens ao Tribunal de Recurso desde que tomou posse como Presidente da República e "é um compromisso assumido pelo Chefe de Estado para contribuir para a boa governação e transparência."

sexta-feira, 22 de Agosto de 2014

Benvindu Prezidente SBY - Labele fase liman ba krime kontra umanidade husi 1975-1999


Sekretáriadu; Asosiasaun HAK
Rua Gov. Serpa Rosa T-091, Faról, Dili, Timor-Leste
Tel: +670-3321040 or +67077289241 or 77367518 / 77179655
e-mail: lanarra.del@gmail.com or atino@laohamutuk.org
Website: www.laohamutuk.org , www.jsmp, www.haktl.org. 
Benvindu Prezidente SBY mai vizita Timor-Leste! “Labele fase liman ba krime kontra umanidade husi 1975-1999. Tuir informasaun ofisiál husi pájina Governu Timor-Leste katak iha fulan Agostu dia 26 too 27 Prezidente Repúblika Indonézia Susilo Bambang Yudiono (SBY) sei mai vizita Timor-Leste tuir konvite husi autoridade Timor-Leste nian. Parese katak SBY nia vizita ne’e sei ko’alia ho lider Timor-oan sira kona-ba asuntu fronteira rai leten nia, semitériu militár Indonézia nia no saudozu Timor oan ne’ebé militár Indonézia nia uluk oho no halakon, tuir informasaun iha media (http://www.timorhauniandoben.com/2014/07/vizita-ultimu-sby-posiblidade-hatudu.html).

ANTI aproveita vizita SBY nian hodi fó “Benvindu” no alerta ba públiku ho envolvimentu iha sistema rejime “Orde Baru Suharto” nian. Hanesan ema barak hatene Susilo Bambang Yudihono nudár komandante militár hola parte ba rejime kruél Soeharto ne’ebé halo okupasaun ilegál no ba oho no haterus povu Timor-Leste durante tinan 24. Durante okupasaun ilegál ne’e, militár Indonézia komete krime kontra umanidade hasoru povu Timor sistemátiku no planeiadu. Tuir relatóriu Chega militár Indonézia oho no halakon ema hamutuk besik na’in 18,600, ho kumplisidade husi komunidade internasionál ne’ebé fó apoiu ba Indonézia.
Populasaun sivíl sira ne’ebé mate liu husi forma barak; balun mate tanba kona bombardiariu, balun mate tanba tortura, balun mate tanba oho subar, balun mate hamlaha tanba kuaze laiha liberdade ba povu atu dezenvolve atividade ekonomia.
Depois Indonézia sai husi Timor-Leste, Nasoins Unidas harii Unidade ba Krime Grave sira no Panel Espesiál ida hodi investiga, julga no akuza ba autór sira ne’ebé involve iha krime grave sira durante tinan 1999 (la konsidera periodu 1975 too 1998). Rezultadu husi mekanizmu justisa rua ne’e hatudu kriminozu prinsipál sira ba fase liman de’it iha tribunal iha Jakarta kompara halo julgamentu loloos. Prosesu julgamentu ne’e mós hetan presaun husi polítiku sira iha Indonézia no estadu Indonézia la hatudu nia kooperasaun di’ak ba tribunal refere.

Nasoins Unidas estabelese Komisaun Inkéritu ida hodi halo avaliasaun ba servisu sira kona-ba krime grave refere iha Indonézia no Timor-Leste. Husi komisaun hotu rekomenda katak Nasoins Unidas presiza foti medida adekuadu hodi harii Tribunal Internasionál ba krime kontra umanidade bainhira Indonézia kontinua tau obstákulu ba prosesu justisa loloos. Maibé too agora komunidade internasionál inklui Nasoins Unidas seidauk foti asaun ruma hodi buka solusaun loloos ba kazu krime grave durante okupasaun ne’e. Atu hatán ejijénsia ba harii Tribunal Internasionál, Indonézia husu harii tribunal ad-hoc hodi julga kriminozu sira.

Nudár Prezidente Repúblika periodu rua iha Indonézia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono falla lori solusaun ba kazu krime grave ne’e. Nia la koko implementa rekomendasaun husi relatóriu sira inklui simplesmente harii Komisaun Nasionál ida ba buka Timor-oan sira ne’ebé lakon durante okupasaun hanesan hakerek iha relatóriu husi Komisaun Amizade no Rekonsiliasaun (CVA). Ne’e hatudu katak SBY no estadu Indonézia laiha vontade no kontinua taka dalan ba justisa ba krime kontra umanidade.

Sobrevivente sira no sira hotu ne’ebé buka justisa ba kazu krime kontra umanidade ne’e too agora kontinua buka no ezije ba komunidade internasionál atu implementa rekomendasaun sira husi Relatóriu Chega, Relatóriu KPP-HAM, Komisaun Inkéritu ONU nia liu-liu rekomendasaun sira kona-ba medida hakotu impunidade liu husi julgamentu kriminozu sira iha Tribunal Internasionál ne’ebé justu no kredivel.

Sobrevivente sira mós kontinua ezije ba nasaun boot sira hanesan USA, Inglaterra, Australia no sira seluk ne’ebé apoiu ka hetan benefísiu husi okupasaun ne’e atu ajuda dudu prosesu hakotu impunidade no buka dalan ba fornese justisa ba povu Timor-Leste.

ANTI ezije ba Governu Timor-Leste no Indonézia atu hahú loke ona vontade polítika hodi buka solusaun justu ba kazu krime kontra umanidade sira durante Okupasaun inklui harii Komisaun Nasionál ba buka tuir Timor oan sira ne’ebé halakon forsadamente. “Relatóriu Komisaun Peritu Nasoins Unidas nia hatete katak mekanizmu hotu ne’ebé nasoins Unidas suporta la hetan akontabilidade ida ne’ebé di’ak tanba ne’e rekomenda ba Konsellu Seguransa ONU nia atu harii tribunal kriminál Internasionál ida ne’ebé justu no kredivel. 
Faktu krime kontra umanidade sei kontinua eziste too ohin loron: 

• Família sira seidauk hatene paradeiru sira nia la’en, feen, maun, oan ne’ebé militár Indonesia lori lakon sei kontinua lakon too ohin loron
• Labarik Timor-oan sira ne’ebé militár Indonesia lori ba Indonesia agora sei nafatin separa husi sira nia família.
• Autór sira ne’ebé komete iha krime kontra umanidade agora nafatin goza nia liberdade iha territóriu Indonézia.

ANTI espera katak parte hotu ne’ebé ami temi bele simu ami nia preokupasaun ne’e. Bele hetan informasaun tan kona-ba krime grave ho krime kontra umanidade durante okupasaun Militár Indonézia nian bele link iha: http://www.laohamutuk.org/Justice/JusticeIndex.html#InternationalCrimes, http://www.haktl.org/ami-nia-programa/direitu-ba-justisa-krimi-pasadu/

 Dili, 22 de Agostu 2014

Sisto dos Santos 
Koordenadór Board ANTI

Governu Preve Biloens US$1.3 ba Tinan Fiskál 2015


Timor Post - 22 Agostu 2014

Díli - Governu liu hosi Ministériu Finansa lidera nu'udar Komite Revizaun hala'o revizaun orsamentu iha nivel tékniku no nivel politika hodi prepara ba orsamentu fiskál 2015.

Komisaun Revizaun Orsamentu ne'e lidera hosi Vise Primeiru Ministru, Fernando La Sama de Araújo no Vise Ministra Finansas, Santina Viegas Arújo.

"Atu prepara orsamentu ano fiskál 2015 governu deside halo ezersisiu rua, primeiru maka atu halo ezersisiu nivel tékniku, no segundu hala'o ezersisiu iha nivel politíka," Xefe Gabinete Minit´eriu Finansas, Helder Lopez hatete ba jornalista sira iha salaun MF, Kinta (21/08).

Hosi komite revizaun orsamentu iha nivel tékniku deskuti mós kona-ba despezas rekorentes, no despezas ba kapital inklui dezenvolvimentu, Xefe Gabinete MF ne'e katak, komisaun revizaun orsamentu hala'o servisu hahú hosi loron 11 to'o 18 fulan Agostu.

"Nivel tékniku hotu ona, entaun inkontru ohin ne'e halo diskusaun ba proposta orsamentu liña orsamentu ida-idak liu hosi nível polítika. Envelope fiskál ne'ebé maka Konsellu Ministru aprova liu hosi proposta kada minitériu Ne'e maka 1.3 biloens, numeru orsamentu ne'e uza hodi halo diskusaun iha nivel tékniku ho nivel politiku," dehan nia.

Objektivu hosi revizaun ne'e atu koa ka hasai tiha orsamentu ne'ebé aprezenta hosi kada ministériu konsidera la prioridade.

"Ha'u hatete katak wainhira governu deside envelope fiskal 1.3 biloens bazeia ba prinsipiu lima hanesan prinsipiu nasionál, sustentabilidade fiskál, kapasidade ezekusaun, kualidadeorsamentu, no ikus liu maka kapasidade ekonómia hodi absolve despezas agregadu," tenik Xefe Gabinete MF.

Tuir Xefe Gabinete MF ne'e katak, bainhira OJE 2014 ministériu ne'ebé ezekuta laloos, sei koa la'os ati aumenta tuir orientasaun hosi Primeiru Ministru, Kai Rala Xanana Gusmão.

Antes ne'e, Diretór Jerál Orsamentu Estadu, Januario Gama, informa katak, orsamentu $1.3 refere sei prefere ba prioridade importante lima hanesan, primeiru hadia uma laran iha instituisaun estadu, rua hadia rekursu humanu, hadia infra-estruturas baziku li-liu estrada, bee mos, sanimentu, no ikus liu mak hadia prestasaun servisu iha kada Ministériu no oinsá mak bele produsaun agrikula. (vas)

Deputadu FRETILIN: Sérgio Lobo Laiha Étika


Timor Post - 22 Agostu 2014

Díli - Relasiona ho deklarasaun Ministru Saúde, Sérgio Lobo hasoru deputadu bankada FRETILIN katak bosok-ten, mosu lamentasaun no konsidera membru governu refere laiha étika.

Partifu FRETILIN ne'ebé mak moris iha tinan 1974 to'o ohin loron seidauk bosok ema ida pelu faktu partidu uniku ida ne'ebé mak luta ba ukun rasik-an no nunka bosok.

"Maibé to'o ikus ministru hakarak defende-an hodi konsidera katak deputadu bosokten, ida ne'e hatudu  membru governu laiha étika, no hatun dignidade ita nu'udar deputadu hosi orgaun estadu ida," deputada, Maria Angelica hatete iha plenária (21/08), PN,Díli.

Tuir deputadu bankada FRETILIN hatete pelu faktu problema saúde mosu hosi nasionál to'o area rurais tuir fiskalijasaun deputadu sira nian, problema ida mak foin lalais funsionáriu Saúde greve hasoru ministru ba jestaun rekrutamentu.

Deputada haktuir mos katak pessoal Saúde sira hosi Oecusse hato'o katak ministru Saúde foin lalais ba Oecusse iha aviaun leten de'it la tun atu halo sorumutu ho funsionáriu sira, maski funsináriu hein dader to'o meudia.

"Hanesan ami ba Oecusse komunidade kamentam tanba sira hein ministru hosi dader to'o meudia, atu halo reuniaun ho ministru Saúde. Maibé hein to'o tuku rua loraik, maibé ministru to'o Oecusse ho aviaun nia leten de'it, ida ne'e atetude membru governu saida mak hanesan ne'e," deputada Maria Angelica haktuir.

Tanba ne'e deputada dehan kuandu Ministru Saúde mak la satisfas ho deklarasaun hirak ne'e bele lori deputadu ba Ministériu Públiku, atu nune'e deputadu sira hasai imunidade hodi ba hatan.

Nune'e deputadu Paul Moniz hosi bankada FRETILIN afirma katak problema Saúde levanta hosi bankada parlamentar hotu ba Saúde hosi nasionál to'o baze sobre sistema no jestaun, maski buat balun di'ak maibé iha buat balun ministru tenke rekonhese.

"Ha'u haree Ministru nia konsiderasaun hatun parlamentu nia dignidade, deputadu nia dignidade no FRETILIN nia dignidade," deputadu Moniz dehan.

Iha fatin hanesan Florentina Smith bankada FRETILIN, hatete kritika ba ministériu Saúde la'os atu koalia át maibé kritika para hadi'a tanba kna'ar nu'udar fiskalijador no monitoriza servisu governu no povu nia sofrementu.

"Agora ita husik ba Ministériu Públiku mak haree, ministru mos iha direitu atu defende maibé labele koalia fali deputadu hosu FRETILIN bosok-ten, tanba ne'e husu ba membru governu para hadi'a linguajen," deputadu Smith hatete.

Entretantu antes ne'e Ministru Saúde, Sérgio Lobo hatete ba jornalista sira konsidera deputadu sira bosok ten, tanba koalia laiha dokumentu no faktus.

"Deputadu sira mak inventa sasan sira ne'e, ne'e ha'u bele dehan bosok ten. Tanba ita nu'udar reprezentante povu aprezenta kazu ida ne'e katak ita tenke iha faktus no dokumentu, maibé to'o agora sira aproveita mídia katak, ha'u laiha situasaun ida, ha'u labele akuza sira. Tanba sira iha imunidade ba justisa, tanba ne'e hau nonok de'it," Ministru Sérgio Lobo hatete.

Maske kazu ne'e rasik bankada FRETILIN hato'o ona ba PJR maibé to'o oras ne'e, parte justisa seidauk bolu Ministru Saúde ho nia estrutura atu ba resposta ba sobre keixa.(uly)

Alunu Menoridade Hetan Violasaun Seksuál - Ministériu Sei Fó Sansaun

Imagem de Casa Vida, Facebook.
Timor Post - 22 Agostu 2014

Díli - Aluna Eskola Filial Manucassa ho idade menor foin lalais hetan violasaun seksuál hosi nia professór ho inisial JM ne'ebé sei iha relasaun familia. Kazu ne'e rasik oras ne'e iha ona Tribunál.
Tuir informasaun, aluna refere oras ne'e mai ona iha uma Mahon Casa Vida hodi hetan protesaun intensivu hosi parte Saúde ba vítima nia saúde. Aluna refere ho tinan 6.

"Informasaun klaru no ofisiál ba assuntu ne'e, Ministériu Edukasaun seidauk simu. Maibé lia anin ami hetan ona. Agora dadaun ami haruka ona ekipa inspetoria hodi halo verifikasaun identifika informasaun ne'e loos duni ou lae," Dirétor Jerál Kooperativa Ministériu Edukasaun, Antoninho Pires dehan ba jornalista iha nia kna'ar fatin, Vila Verde (21/08).

Karik ne'e akontese duni nia dehan, dahuluk ita tenke haree lai prosesu no ninia grau implementasaun ne'e oinsá. Sé grau ne'e lori ba prosesi indissiplinár, Ministériu Edukasaun sei hola medidas fó sansaun ou suspende.

"Bainhira iha verifikasaun hosi ekipa inspetoriál identifika nia komete hahalok imoral ne'e, Ministériu sei suspende preofessór ne'e hosi nia hanorin hodi hein prosesu hosi Lomisaun Funsaun Públiku (KFP)," nia deklara.

Entretantu, tuir informasaun ne'ebé diariu ne'e asesu hosi família vítima katak labarik ne'e foin tinan 6 no asaun imorál ne'e professór ho inisial FM halo iha eskola Filiál Manucassa iha tinan 2013 bainhira eskola sai.

"Vítima agora iha uma Mahon Casa Vida hodi hetan protesaun, no tuir informasaun ne'ebé ami asesu hosi rezultadu visun ne'ebé doutór sira koko vítima ne'e identifikadu pozitivu," dehan fonte konfirmadu. (Max)

quinta-feira, 21 de Agosto de 2014

Taur Matan Ruak lança livro sobre a história das FALINTIL

Foto de, Presidência da República, Facebook
Timor Hau Nian Doben - 21 de agosto de 2014

O chefe de Estado, Taur Matan Ruak, lançou um livro sobre a história da luta das FALINTIL intitulado, "A Luta Armada Timorense na Resistência à Ocupação", cujos autores são Abílio Pires Lousada, António José Oliveira e Carlos Dias Afonso, anunciou em comunicado a Presidência da República.

O livro foi lançado ontem, no dia  em que as FALINTIL comemoraram o 39.º aniversário.

Estiveram presentes no lançamento do livro o primeiro-ministro Xanana Gusmão, membros do governo e do Parlamento Nacional, veteranos australianos bem como outras altas individualidades, refere o comunicado.