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Translation from Tetum: Jornal Independente - Monday 22 October 2012 

Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao is angry and very concerned with some Timorese who tried to sell the Timor-Leste nation to other nations five years ago. 

 "My concern is this, that some Timorese wanted to sell out our country, that was my biggest difficulty five years ago," PM Xanana Gusmao said during the inauguration of the Dili University (UNDIL) building on 20 October 2012. 

 He did not want to mention any names of these Timorese who tried to sell off Timor-Leste, but PM Xanana said that they were the same people who in 1975 brought war to Timor-Leste."These are the same people who brought war to us before," said PM Xanana Gusmao angrily. 

Relating to these concerns referred to, the resistance leader asked the UNDIL teaching staff as well as staff from other universities, and all school teachers to teach civic education to our students to be nationalists defending their country. 

 "So you academics should not just be teaching science, but should be teaching love for this country, a process that must take our students to become good citizens for this country, to prepare our youth as the seeds for the future of their country," he said. 

 He said that students and the youth have to prepare themselves so as to be able to lead the nation in the future otherwise this country will fall when the leaders of 1975 are no longer around. 

 "We have to keep looking to broaden our knowledge and our thinking to serving better. If you do not prepare yourselves better, we will sink as a nation. You have to prepare yourselves well to keep defending this country," PM Xanana Gusmao said. 

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