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More than 11.000 CPD-RDTL members remain in Fatuberliu


Radio Timor-Leste, November 23, 2012 language source: Tetun 

More than 11.00 of CPD-RDTL members are still in Fatuberliu, the southern district of Manufahi to create communal corn and rice fields which is aimed at supplying food security and strengthening the Timorese people's economy. 

 Spokesperson for CPD-RDTL, Ivo Sequira made the comments, responding to the local residents' protest over the CPD-RDTL's presence in the area. 

"We are using this land for farming and is abandoned land not belonging to anyone like some people said this is belonged to them." 

 "This land was used by Indonesian Government for transmigration program, meaning that it belongs to the state," he said.

Nota do blogue: TRABALHAR NÃO É CRIME, É? Andam todos baralhados!CAMBADA! VIVA A CPD-RDTL!

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