quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2013

Child mortality high in Timor-Leste


Independente January 30, 2013 language source: Tetun 

Minister for Health, Sergio Lobo said Timor-Leste is a new country and its children mortality was staying in high in the world as many pregnant mothers die when delivering baby. 

"As we know that number of infant's mortality is highest in the world because many of our communities yet to understand the importance of health in the country," he said. 

Lobo said Timor-Leste's Government and its development partners would work hard to resolve the issue as it was of part of health issue in the country. 

He added in resolving the infant mortality, ministry of health would work hard to improve and socialize health program to the communities, so that they get access to the health services.

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