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Emilia Pires Under Investigation By Prosecutor General's Office


Timor Post – Tuesday 8 January 2013 - Translation from Tetum 

The Office of the Prosecutor General is already investigating the case involving the allegations against the Finance Minister, Emilia Pires that she awarded a government contract to buy equipment for the Guido Valadares National Hospital in Bidau-Dili to her husband Warren McLeod. 

According to information obtained by this newspaper from a source in the National Parliament, the Office of the Prosecutor General has initiated and is currently investigating Emilia Pires and her involvement in this case.

MP Carmelita Moniz from the CNRT party said that the Anti Corruption Commission might have already referred the result of its investigation to the Office of the Prosecutor General.

She said that as a representative of a party that composes the majority in the National Parliament she has always supported all state institutions in the process of performing their constitutional and legal functions.

“Our party is part of the majority but we don’t consider that, because Emilia Pires is an independent in the government, but whether she is an independent or a member of the CNRT, if there are facts indicating some irregularity then she must be held accountable for her conduct in court according to the laws of Timor-Leste,” Moniz told Journalist in Parliament House yesterday Monday 7 January 2013.

She added that, she requested all institutions with the authority to do so not to accuse someone out of political interest, because that is wrong, and to do so based on existing facts.

“We all want to eradicate Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism in our country, a virus that will worsen poverty in this country, but, it has to be done by due process, not using its powers motivated by political interest,” she stressed.

According to a number of newspaper reports last year, in an interview the Director of the HNGV, Odete da Silva Viegas said that at not time did she request the equipment that was ultimately supplied by the company Mac’s Metalcraft Pty Ltd, owned by Warren Macleod (husband of the Finance Minister Emilia Pires), in her the letter of request she (reference number 130/adm/HNGV/III/2012) sent to the Vice Minister for Health, Madalena Hanjan.

The article in question further detailed that the request made by letter to the Vice Minister for Health , Madalena Hanjan on 223 March 2012 was for the purchase of urgent medical equipment for the Hemodialysis Unit of the hospital, and included two hemodialysis machines, two beds, and consumables for that Unit.

According to a list annexed to the letter signed by the National Director of NALA, Leoa Borges S. Sos. MPH, the Head of the Department for Management of Medical Equipment, Avelino Afonso Brites and the former Vice Minister for Health, Madalena F.N.H. Costa Soares Bsn were the ones to propose the purchase and supply of hospital beds for the hospital and health centers at a budget cost of US$2,004,100.00, appearing as item 17 on the annexure list.

But when this demand was sent to the Minister for Finance, Emilia Pires decreed that from the first five items to be supplied from the list should be the items to be supplied by the company Mac’s Metalcraft Pty Ltd.

The newspaper that published the article alleged that Emilia Pires’ actions in relation to this purchase process is in breach of article 32 of Chapter 4 of the Law 10 of 2005, the Law on Procurement Systems, which regulates conflict of interest involving servants of the state.

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