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FRETILIN defends Xanana Gusmao against CPD-RDTL’s Statement


Suara Timor Lorosae, January 24, 2013 Language source: Tetun 

FRETILIN bench in the House of the Parliament said all people had rights to express their opinions, but State had laws to rule its people. 

 “Everyone has rights to talk or give their opinions, but we should know that the State has law to rule its people, therefore, people should comply with the law being applied,” Fransisco Branco from FRETILIN bench said. 

In addition, Cesar Piloto from CNRT bench in National Parliament also said that Timor-Leste was a Democratic Country, but it did not mean that everyone or every organization could do what they wanted, it was not like that, and there was law that being applied in the country to rule its people. 

These National Parliament members made the comments regarding CPD-RDTL’s statements which considered Xanana Gusmao applied dictatorship in the country. 

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