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Residence of Finance Minister is discriminatory - Appeals to the CAC (Anti-Corruption Commission) to investigate.


Jornal Diario Nacional - Friday, January 25 -  Translation from Tetum

The residence of the Minister of Finance, Emilia Pires, which is of luxurious architecture, clearly demonstrates discrimination between the incumbent Minister of Finance and other members of the government.

Construction continues on the new official residence of the Finance Minister located in Motael, despite it already being criticized by civil society and deputies of the National Parliament.

"This house being built for the Finance Minister is larger than any other house in this nation. If I was the head of this government, the Finance Minister would only have one secretary of state. The President of the Republic does not have such a luxurious residence as this one under construction for the Finance Minister.  Why does this minister have the right to have a home of such luxury, and which criteria is being used to do this? Why not build a house equal standard for all ministers?" asked the former deputy prime minister, Mario Viegas Carrascalao (MVC), speaking to Jornal Diário at Hotel Timor.

According to MVC, that policy (the construction of the house of Emilia Pires) generates internal discrimination among the servants of the state. He asks: why did they not use this money to build a building for the members of this new government, since they do not have a decent place to work in?

MVC also questioned how people will be able evaluate the members of the government if the executive does not give them suitable offices for government officials to perform their jobs, according to the plan that has already been established?

Moreover, FRETILIN opposition deputy Francisco Miranda Branco, said the reality in Timor-Leste is that the President of the Republic, former members and other members of the government have not a luxury residence as the Minister Emilia Pires and for this reason it is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation, for this special treatment.

"Corruption is now growing abundantly. We do not know where millions of dollars have gone. This is why every society has to use his head and eyes to be alive to control such things, "said Deputy Francisco Miranda Branco.

The director of the NGO Luta Hamutuk, Mericio Akara asked the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to conduct an investigation of Finance Minister Emilia Pires, in relation to conflict of interest including the construction of this residence that already aroused suspicion.

Mericio said that the Finance Minister is an entity that controls and manages the money of this country and therefore when there are indices of acts of corruption or conflict of interest, such as the awarding of a project to her husband, son or brother, an act that is prohibited under the laws of Timor-Leste, it is necessary for CAC to thoroughly investigate the cases referred to it involving Emilia Pires.

"I think this case is already being investigated and I believe that Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao will not close his eyes to it. I believe Emilia will go to jail if she has engaged in an act of corruption.  The question now is this: We're still waiting for the investigation by CAC and the prosecutors. They are still gathering evidence," stressed Mericio Akara.

Regarding the residence of Finance Minister, Mericio Akara said that CAC is also investigating the issue of the construction of the residence of the Finance Minister because state money is being used to construct this building .

"It can arouse suspicion because we all know that Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao, the President Taur Matan Ruak and the other ministers in Timor have not built houses more luxurious than this one," said Mericio Akara with suspicion.

Mericio further questioned, why this money was used by the Minister of Finance but was not used to repair the buildings of the East Timor National Police (PNTL)?  Since independence many of the PNTL’s buildings could not be rehabilitated because of a lack of budget funds, and for this reason CAC must investigate it and if it finds evidence one day Finance Minister, Emilia Pires, will follow former Justice Minister Lucia Lobato to the Gleno prison. 

Em Tétum:"Rezidensia MF Kria Diskriminasaun “Husu KAK Investiga”"
Em Português:"Residência da ministra das Finanças gera discriminação - Apelos à CAC para investigar"

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