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One More TL Minister Make Journey To CAC For KKN

Pedro Lay - Foto, Tempo Semanal
Tempo Semanal - Wednesday, 20 February 2013

This morning Anti Corruption Commission (CAC) is investigating East Timor Minister for Transport and Telecommunication of his involvement in allegation of Corruption, Collusion and Nepotisms.

At arround10 AM Dili time, East Timor Transport and telecommunication Minister, Pedro lay arrived in CAC office in order to investigate his involvement in an allegation of Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism. Pedro Lay arrived in Farol accompanying with his body guards in government car 03:333G. He got out and walking into the CAC office from the main entrance and sign the visitor book before enter to the investigation room. 

Recently to Timorese Journalist  Baukau Catholic Church leader, Bishop Basilio do Nasimento challenged institutions which dealing with Corruption to be able to find an involvement of man in the Corruptions Nepotism and Collusion. He said up to the time he only see allegations against woman in the public office no face of man yet. Pedro is carrying in his right hand a pilled of document and wearing red follow by his body guard and a CAC security enter to the CAC office.

According to Tempo Semanal Source within Pedro lay's office said his minister is going to CAC at 10 AM local time because CAC is going to investigate some misconduct of Pedro lay.

"Minister Pedro lay is going to CAC this morning at  10 AM in the order from CAC to investigate his involvement in allegation of Corruption, Nepotism, Collusion, (known as KKN in East Timor) Abuse of Power as well as improperly hand out projects of emergency," said TS source.

Under 4th Constitutional Government 2007-2012, Perdo Lay was interested to handle a wider  Ministry for Infra Structure, Telecommunication and Transportations. During the last five years under Pedro Lay's leaderships his Ministry was known as ministry of emergency due to most of government projects such as roads, electricity and others public work as well as in the field of transportation sector which cary out only with emergency manner as a reason to justified direct single source to several companies..

Two days ago CAC also investigated the witness to the allegation facing conflate of interest involving East Timor Finance Minister Emilia Pires in regard to the emergency project which improperly hand out to her Australian husband's company namely Mac's Metalcraft to supply beds for East Timor hospitals. 

Former president Ramos Horta before accepted the offer to become SRSG in Guinea Bissau express his deepest concerned over the issue of Corruption Nepotism and Collusion in this small country.

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