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Eight Young Men Beat Teresa to Death For being a Witch.


TVTL News - Tuesday, 26 March 2013 - Translation from Tetum 

The Maubissi district police have arrested eight youths from Suco Malau, Maubissi, who have been accused of beating to death a woman named Teresa whom they suspected of being a witch. 

They accused the woman of being a witch and of using sorcery in the form of tree bark to kill people, and as a result on 14 March 2013 they are alleged to have killed the 40-year-old woman named Teresa, who is also from Suco Malau, Maubissi. 

The commander of the police station in the sub-district of Maubissi, Adolfo Soares Mota, who accompanied the 8 suspects accused of homicide in this case during questioning by the police, provided a chronology of the events to the media. 

"This case resulted from a suspicion of using tree bark (a form of sorcery), so they beat the victim to death. The woman's name is Teresa and she is almost 40 years of age," said Adolfo Soares. 

One of the eight suspects is being treated at the Maubissi Hospital for an abnormal condition. The eight suspects are currently in preventative detention at the Becora Prison whilst the investigation proceeds.

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