domingo, 31 de março de 2013



Dear Smarty Pants,

THANK YOU! Only the universe? Ohhh... :O). Happy Easter, precious treasure! You are a noble and a very kind girl, your feelings towards me, are a truly blessing from God.

Your words mean the world to me, I am so proud to be your mother!Now...Stop eating the  chocolates!!!

I'm sorry Ivana,  but blogs like this one are not for a seven-year-old girl, that's why we didn't give you the blog's password. :o) You are going too far... Who knows?  Maybe one day, you can replace us, you have what it takes to be one of us here, you care deeply about my beautiful people. THANK YOU!

"I will  be a doctor when I grow up, and I will go to your country to help the children". May God listen to your words.

Watch out guys, this little girl can be a "problem"...

I love you, Ivana!

The " best mother in the universe". :O)

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