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Jakarta Police Deny Gang Leader Hercules’ Bail Request


JakartaGlobe - March 19, 2013 

The Jakarta Police on Tuesday denied a bail request for former gang leader Rozario "Hercules" Marshal, a police spokesman said. 
“The investigators have made their decision and Hercules' bail has been denied,” Sr. Cmr. Rikwanto, a Jakarta Police spokesman, told Indonesian news portal Detik.com.

Rikwanto declined to elaborate why Hercules' request was denied saying that it was the prerogative of the case investigators. He added that the police were finalizing all the documents required to transfer the case to the attorney's office.

Hercules, a prominent supporter of the Great Indonesia Movement (Gerindra) Party and chairman Prabowo Subianto's presidential bid, was arrested on March 8 by the police after he smashed store windows in Kembangan, West Jakarta, following a police order to crack down on gang activity in the neighborhood.

Police were sent to patrol Kembangan as part of an effort to push back against Hercules’ Gerakan Rakyat Indonesia Baru (GRIB) civil society organization, a group they accuse of using intimidation to run an extortion ring in the area.

Hercules denied the accusation that his cohorts dealt in extortion, saying instead that his men had jobs with fixed salaries.

“It’s not true. My men have jobs as security guards with a salary of Rp 2 million [$205.93] per month,” he said.

The police held a public briefing announcing plans to crack down on gang activity in the neighborhood on Friday, March 8.

The briefing was witnessed by Hercules and his men, who appeared agitated at the police presence and began to smash shop windows with machetes, West Jakarta Police chief of detectives AKBP Hengki Haryadi said.

Five men were arrested at the scene.

The National Police later arrived at Hercules’ headquarters and arrested 45 others, including the group’s notorious leader.

He was charged with possession of a sharp weapon, a charge that carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in jail, according to Detik.com.

Police also searched some cars belonging to Hercules’s men on Saturday. In one of the vehicles, law enforcers confiscated a revolver with six bullets, a kitchen knife, a machete, several air rifles with 10 boxes of bullets, slugs, wood and a police intelligence card under the name of Franky Kilikili.

Hercules' lawyers filed the bail request last Wednesday, saying that he would not try to escape or erase the evidence.

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