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Police challenges Fretilin MP over abuse claim


Jornal Independente - By : João da Costa - Tersa-Feira, 04 Junho 2013

 DILI: Deputy General Police Commander Commissary Afonso de Jesus has demanded that FRETILIN MP Manuel Castro submit an official case to the police relating to his allegation that a policeman hit him in the Stadium Municipal in Dili last Friday.

Commissary Afonso told the INDEPENDENTE yesterday that the Minister must open a case in order to have the allegation thoroughly investigated.

Responding to the growing rumours about the circumstances of the attack uncovered by the INDEPENDENTE yesterday, Commissary Afonso said it was vital that perspective was given to the claims and that all people in Timor-Leste were the same in the front of law.

“We do not only speak as I said, law is for all people. So that is why to processed any problem must there is a case” he told reporters in Police Head Quarter, Caicoli, yesterday.

Afonso said according to the report he received from Dili district police commander Superintendent Chief Pedro Belo, that on Friday (31/05) four police members patrolling the area near Stadium Municipal received a call from a victim stating that he had been hit by a policeman.

He said the police responded to the call and went to the alleged scene of the crime but when the police arrived they found a young man wielding a knife and screaming that he would hit the policemen if they touched him.

Afonso said the report then stated that the four policemen called for support from Task Force police to assist calm the situation and bring the suspect to the Dili district commander.

“But, I do not know all this matter. Through the process we will know detail about who is right and wrong because sometimes we just put our finger to the police but we did not see the other side yet,” he said.

Afonso said that one of the policemen then “calmed” the situation, however given the “uncontrolled situation” was not aware that one of the bystanders who got involved in was a member of parliament.

Meanwhile FRETILIN MP Manuel Castro has stood firm by his claims that he was attacked by a policeman after he attempted to calm the situation.

Castro said he stepped in to protect the young suspect because the police were using excessive force. He said he tried to calm the situation and in the process was hit by a policeman.

“I just speak like this to help the youth but suddenly the police come to me and attacked me and told me that you have no right and this our right and I reply yes that is true but, must calm the situation in professional manner. Do not treat people like animal,” he said.

Castro said while one policeman yelled obscenities at him another policeman hit and kicked him. He said many people saw the attack and shouted at the police to stop the abuse because they were attacking a member of police. “But the police did not stop,” he said.

“There are some police barking that you are Member of Parliament are produced the wrong law and we hit you and the world would not be shake and the sea will not come,” he said.

Castro confirmed that immediately after the incident he asked the general commander in Caicoli to respond to the attack however the commander just asked him to go to the Dili district commander to meet Pedro Belo.

In this meeting, he said the Dili district police commander, Superintendent Chief Pedro Belo explained to him that Pedro Belo was an established task force police capable of rapid intervention in the capital of Dili but that he did not teach his policeman to use obscenities on “any single person in the country including MPs.”

It has been alleged that during this conversation the general commander asked the MP to resolve the problem immediately, but Castro said he wanted to process the case through the judicial system instead.


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