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Opposition Missing In Action


By Tinamoco

In Timor Leste the National Parliament determined who will form the official opposition. The Party that has the most non-government members in the Parliament becomes the opposition party and the leader becomes the leader of opposition.

FRETILIN is the opposition party in the Timor Leste National Parliament and the leader is the controversial figure Mari Alkatiri. The opposition has, as its name suggest the officially recognised party, established by National Parliament as of opposing the government.

Since FRETILIN existence, their position has always been opposing and criticising everything and anything that comes from their opponents that’s including the Government. They have fought side by side with the people since the Indonesia occupation war in Timor Leste until Timor Leste gained independence.

However, over the years the FRETILIN position has become so vulnerable and weak and weaker to the point that when they are needed the most they are nowhere to be seen or heard. It appears that the opposition would rather see Timor Leste lose than their opponent wins.

There are a lot of terribly wrong in Timor Leste, where there are so many matters wrongdoing by the government in Timor Leste that is a concern and required a strong response and nonetheless, the opposition fail to see the trait of harness the issue. For instance, the so-called ‘Lei Vitalisia’ and there is the allegation of corruption involved the Finance Minister and the former health vice minister, the sarcastic release of former justice Minister and the recent imprisonment of a colleague and former guerrilla fighter. The opposition response and action to each of these cases are ZERO.

And add to the insult to the people, the opposition leader and his entourage was seen happily parade not only in front of the media but also in a full house in the President Office accepting the position as leader of the Government representative for the special zone of social in the enclave of Oecussi. From that moment Timor Leste National Parliament is no longer incontestable arena for Timor Leste political life as the opposition has surrendered their dominance in criticising the Government.

More often the controversy opposition leader Mari Alkatiri have in so many ways accusing the government for not up to the top job and yet when he was required to confront the government regarding government many wrongdoing he and his entourage seems to be far and far away. This kind of attitude you only see in high school student not in an opposition leader.

The failure to offer a fight, the vulnerability, the weakness, the ignorance, the stupidity and most of all the greediness of the opposition party as displayed by their leader is appalling and their reluctance and awkwardness towards the promotion of good government, transparency and accountability is awful. It is no wonder, why the people were frustrated and questioned whether FRETILIN position in Parliament is actually to act as the opposition party as its name suggest or otherwise. It also no wonder the people long concluded that the opposition job must be to assist the government running the country.

One would have thought that after twelve years of democratic rule in Timor Leste, FRETILIN would have learnt from previous failures and act like the whole opposition part of being the opposition party. It’s not what you do that’s matter but the way you do it is matter to all.

Due to the current turmoil political situation in Timor Leste it would be a better country if Timor Leste had an actual opposition party that is considered to be essential for the proper working of democracy system of the government in Timor Leste.

Remember a good and active opposition is indispensable in the parliament system of the any democratic government.

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