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Portuguese Police Service Officer: "Xanana Is Involved in Corruption and There Is Proof"

José Brito

EXPRESSO - 7.11.2014 - Translation by ETAN

The Portuguese Police Service (PPS) officer who was expelled from Timor-Leste guarantees that Xanana Gusmão is "involved in several cases of corruption" and ensures that he has evidence against the Timorese Prime Minister.  Speaking to Expresso he also revealed that he was threatened by Xanana’s "thugs".

José Brito is a PPS officer who was expelled from Timor-Leste, as has happened to several Portuguese judges working in that territory.

In an interview with Expresso he assures that he was expelled from the former Portuguese colony because his work was "bothering them" and reveals that he was "threatened by Xanana’s thugs".

"Many of them [goons] are officers who I trained and who I had a good personal and professional relationship with," she assures.

José Brito went to Timor-Leste in 2009 and was integrated into the United Nations mission. A year later he moved to the Anti-Corruption Commission created by the Timorese government. Years of experience in the territory gives him the confidence to say that "corruption is endemic in Timor-Leste".

"From the various state services, such as police to construction, to the top of the Government", he says, adding that Xanana Gusmão is included in a long list of corrupt activities.

"Xanana? I have no doubt that he is involved in corruption. And I have proof. I sent them in a container to Portugal," he says.

And because he is in possession of such evidence, despite now being in Bangkok where he lives with his wife, he challenges the Prime Minister of Timor-Leste.

"I challenge Xanana Gusmão to publicly face me in any court outside Timor-Leste to see if I'm wrong. I know he will say no however," he says.

The PPS officer, a member of the Porto command also revealed that he reported cases of corruption that "were not investigated", such as the apartments in Lisbon that were given to Xanana Gusmão and Lucia Lobato, the former justice minister who was sentenced to five years prison.

But not only this. José Brito adds that "there are several cases involving Xanana. Such as rice contracts involving daughter and the fuel business involving his nephew."

"The system is so corrupt that it all ends up in disasters. Works do not have quality, the designs are bad and use and abuse of emergencies to make direct single source contract awards," he concludes.

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