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Mauk Moruk’s group says Xanana behind bombing at US Embassy in Dili


Timor Hau Nian Doben – January 28, 2015 

Timor Hau Nian Doben has received a very disturbing letter in English from the Maubere People Council Revolution (MPCR), led by the former Falintil guerrilla fighter, Mauk Moruk, the letter makes some disturbing claims in relation to the bombing at the US Embassy in Dili. 

According to the letter, “Prime Minister ,Xanana Gusmao, was behind the grenade attacks”, at the United States Embassy (USA), in Dili, last week.
The MPCR alleged the following: 
“Xanana had orchestrated another malefic and cosmetic plan to try to discredit the Maubere People Council Revolution by bombing the USA Embassy in Dili very recently.“ 

“After that immoral and very ashamed his butchery and criminals practices, he overloaded that his ill-fated devil plan to try blame MPRC with his cohort Lasama and his other cronies have been open with their ashamed manner their stink mouth, were said in very reckless and fraudulent way of action towards the dignity and reputation of MPRC where pompously said that MPRC was in fact the author of the so called crime committed against innocent USA people,” MPRM claims. 

The Maubere People Council Revolution also claims that after a thorough investigation completed by them that they have found “the real perpetrator” was the Prime-Minister Xanana Gusmao. 

“However, after the MPRC have ordered his investigation team to search very deeply and very scrupulous manner have found the real perpetrator of that monstrous crime against humanity in the USA Embassy compound, the real author was Xanana alone with his butchery and mafious members…,” they claim.

Last week, we spoke with the leader of The Maubere People Council Revolution, Mauk Moruk, and he said:

“I suspect that the grenades at the Embassy of the United States was under orders of someone to blame me and to generate distrust amongst the population, for me to be the culprit”.
Tensions have been mounting as Mauk Moruk and his men refuse to surrender to Timor Leste's police force and army, after serious a event in Laga, Baucau, some weeks ago. 

The Prime-Minister and the President urged the group to surrender themselves, but Moruk is still reluctant to do so, and he urges Xanana Gusmao to dissolve the National Parliament and called for a new parliamentary election.

Award winning Australian photojournalist, journalist and outspoken commentator, Ted McDonnell recorded  a half hour interview with Mauk Moruk recently. McDonnell says the disclosures made by Mauk Moruk show that he was provoked into the incident that occurred in Laga.

“I was told three days before the Laga incident that the Prime Minister was planning a major incident. It’s very clear that Mauk Moruk was provoked and set up by his old rival Gusmao. There is no excuse for holding the PNTL officers, but very clearly Moruk was provoked into the situation,” McDonnell told Timor Hau Nian Doben.

McDonnell said he is personally investigating the deaths of 11 Falintil Commanders in 1985 who were “clearly murdered by someone very high up in today’s government”. 

“I have a fair degree of evidence as to who that person is and I have the murdered men's names,” McDonnell added.

“It seems sad that a Prime Minister of a country would play such games to protect his own reputation by destroying others. Prime Minister Gusmao has all along protected his close friend Emilia Pires and other alleged corrupted politicians. He has feathered his family’s nest with lucrative contracts and played games with Timorese lives. It amazes me,” McDonnell added.

“Now it seems he has suckered Fretilin into becoming part of his government? So where does that leave Fretilin come the 2017 elections?” McDonnell concluded.

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