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Did Xanana Gusmao order the murder of the Timor 11?


April 06, 2015 - EXCLUSIVE - By Ted McDonnell -Ted McDonnell

In 1985 in the jungles of Timor Leste 11 Falintil Commanders were allegedly ordered to be killed by a fellow Commander.

The deaths of the Timor 11 is as significant to Timor Leste as the Balibo 5 murders by the Indonesians to Australia, however, fear of reprisals has stopped many former commanders revealing the truth. Now in their latter years a number of respected Falintil commanders believe the truth must be revealed.

These "unspoken" murders committed in the jungles of Timor Leste during the fight against the Indonesians were all about power and the ongoing debate between Falintil Commanders over political ethos but they ended in a series of assassinations or murders of 11 Commanders in 1985. The Timorese have for almost 30 years been too scared to talk about these horrific crimes against their own for fear of reprisals.

The men who were ordered to be killed by a fellow commander in the jungles of Timor Leste were:

Fernando Sousa; 
Conis Santana; 
Derek Maulelak; 
Bendito Mauselon; 
David Alex Daitula.

Each of these men committed themselves and their families to fight against murderous Indonesian regime who invaded their country in 1975, but each of the 11 were murdered by their own Timorese brothers.

These men were killed in various locations in Timor Leste. Six were killed in the Ossu and Viqueque districts; three in the Bacau district and two in Lospalos.

Only the commanders, who witnessed know who gave the orders for the cold blooded killings of these men. Some have decided to come forth due to their age and fear that these murders would go unpunished.

Each of these former commanders were interviewed separately, at a different time and different location. All the interviews were recorded. Each of the former commanders name the same person who ordered the killings.

The perpetrator and his henchmen have gone free for almost 30 years. Some have reached high positions in Timor Leste society; some have literally disappeared believed murdered as well.

The three former Faltinil commanders interviewed each alleged and have confirmed that the orders to kill the Timor 11 allegedly came from former Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao.

The former commanders said that during the early 80s and leading up to the events of 1985 there was a power struggle within Timor Leste’s Falintil. According to each former commander interviewed a 'much younger Xanana Gusmao wanted absolute control of Falintil and disagreed with the political leanings of many of his fellow commanders'. The commanders allege Gusmao “gave the order” to kill the Timor 11 in 1985.

Each of the former commanders reaffirmed the allegation that Gusmao was behind the murders. Each of their stories match.

The Timor 11’s story comes at a time when the spotlight is firmly on the antics of the now former Prime Minister and his power games.

There have long been allegations that Gusmao was also behind the attempted assassination of former President Jose Ramos Horta and the murder of Alfredo Reinado.

Attempts to interview those key players involved in the 2008 assassination plot declined interview requests.
Reinado was killed supposedly by a member of the Timor Leste Defence Force when found with other 'rebels' within the former President's compound. However, a coroner’s report reveal that Reinado was shot at close range in the back of the head. An autopsy report indicated that Reinado died after being shot through the eye at near point-blank range.

According to a forensic expert consulted by The Australian newspaper, the autopsy’s finding of “burning/blackening of the surrounding skin” to each of Reinado’s four wounds (to the eye, chest, neck, and hand) means that he must have been shot from a range of less than 30 centimetres. The report on Reinado’s colleague Leopoldino Exposto found that he was killed by a single gunshot to the back of the head, also by a “high-velocity rifle fired at close range”.

It is also allege that Reinado was invited by Xanana Gusmao for a peace meeting in Dili and that Reinado and an accomplice were setup and murdered by "persons unknown".

Copies of the letter signed by Gusmao are now in several safe hands and would be brought forward at a judicial inquiry. Very few people in Timor Leste like talking about these three events. They are scared for their families’ safety and their own lives.

However, surely the time has come for the President Taur Matan Ruak, who knows the true facts surrounding the murders of the Timor 11, and what went on in the jungles during the struggle against the Indonesians; who knows the truth behind the attempted assassination of Ramos Horta, as well as the cold blooded killing of Reinado and Exposto, should call for a judicial inquiry into each of these murderous events.

It is also necessary for the new Prime Minister Dr Rui Maria de Araújo to call for the same inquiry. Murder is murder is murder. The Balibo 5 never received the true justice they deserved, but it is about time justice came for the Timor 11 now that Timor Leste is free and peaceful.

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