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Video: The Last Interview – Mauk Moruk


Ted McDonnell - Ted McDonnell

In August 2015, Mauk Moruk was shot to death on orders of the Timor Leste government.Many believe it was a State sanctioned murder.

Moruk was reportedly  shot 41 times. His autopsy was never released.

Early in 2015, the  then Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao declared he wanted Mauk Moruk dead. Just months later Moruk was dead.

The death was ordered by the Gusmao government and carried out by Gusmao’s chosen heir Rui Araújo.

Just days before Mauk Moruk was killed I recorded this exclusive interview with him.

He declares that Gusmao wanted him dead; he declares Gusmao was behind the assassination attempt on Jose Ramos Horta in 2008; and he declares Gusmao was behind the execution of Alfredo Reinado.

**The interview is unedited. The reason this interview has not been released before was not to inflame the tense situation at the time of Mauk's death.

*The image used in this article does not belong to me. If the photographer contacts me I shall give proper credit.

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