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Horta and Taur Matan Ruak need to save Timor Leste

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By Ted McDonnell

Timor Leste is in serious trouble. Ties to the US dollar its oil wealth has plummeted.

The latest Global Edge report is very sad reading for Timor Leste. Country risk is now an “E” - "the highest-risk political and economic situation and the most difficult business environment. Corporate default is highly likely.”

Global Edge points to the following factors that have not been addressed by governments over the past decade:

Vulnerability to natural disasters (landslides, strong winds, flooding)
Underdeveloped infrastructures
Shortage of human capital
Heavy dependence on oil income (98% of exports)
Nearly half of the population living below the poverty threshold
High youth unemployment rate (40 %)
Weak bank intermediation

Current PM Araújo is not up to the task as he has shown no independence or break away from the abominable Gusmao years of government.

PM Araújo is like a TV Comedy series. Araújo has had the same impact on Timor Leste. He has knocked the economy for a six through inaction. Every move PM Araújo makes he must report back to his master and puppeteer Xanana Gusmao. A comedy but no one is laughing...

That's no way to run a country and hence the ratings agencies view on Timor Leste being a third world country sliding into further disaster.

The state of Timor Leste's finances lays at the feet of several Gusmao government's and his hand picked finance minister Emilia Pires. Gusmao made this critical decision by appointing Pires and it has proven to be a complete failure. Timor Leste’s wealth has gone backwards as corruption and nepotism has reigned supreme. It must also be remembered that between 2007 to now Pires and Gusmao solely controlled the purse strings of Timor Leste. The pair signed off on contracts that made both their families incredibly rich. It is solely the fault of Pires and Gusmao, and their bevy of cronies who have ensured Timor Leste languishes as a third world nation. 

In recent weeks Gusmao's favourite girl Emilia has been convicted of corruption and  sentenced to jail. However, in typical Timor Leste fashion Pires has flown the coup. She was allowed to flee the country before sentencing thanks to the current Araújo government. I'm sure she sent a Xmas card or two to her old cronies for allowing her to escape the courts wrath. The reason she was allowed to escape is that she has the evidence that would convict other former corrupt politicians. She must fear for her safety?

Thank you PM Araújo. Thank you Xanana - great leader of a starving nation; thank you Emilia Pires and all the other despot cronies who have lied to and mislead the Timor Leste people since independence. 
For Timor Leste to have a future former President Jose Ramos Horta must step up again as he has done in the past for the nation and people he loves so much.

Horta must again for become President to put things right and ensure Timor Leste does not fall off the edge as Nauru did when their fortunes where squandered by incompetent and thieving leaders. 

Current Timor Leste President Taur Matan Ruak is an honest man. He has been a good President and has fought the wrongs of Gusmao and Alkatiri comparing them to thieving Indonesian leaders like Suharto.

TMR will run for Prime Minister in 2017 and with the right support from the people - especially the young educated people of Timor Leste - should win.

TMR supports Horta to come back and run and win the Presidency.

The combination of TMR as PM; and a world leader of the likes of JRH as President could be the start of a new beginning for Timor Leste. Both are incorruptible, both have Timor Leste's best interests at heart; both care about the future of the young Timorese currently living in poverty and facing rising unemployment as the ruling political elite prosper from stealing from the people.

If Gusmao’s cronies win the next election there is little doubt Timor Leste will go broke and become yet another island nation destroyed by the self interests of a very few. For the corrupt many have Australian or Portuguese citizenship and can escape the disaster they have created.

The people of Timor Leste need to stand together with Horta and TMR and fight a common evil; an evil in the form of Xanana Gusmao and his puppets.

It’s time.

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